The 2021-2024 Strategic Plan

After a 12-year period of transformation, Groupe BPCE, which boasts an extremely robust financial profile with strong positions in each of its business lines, is fully prepared to step up the pace of its business development by helping its customers to meet their investment needs during this period of economic recovery.

The Covid crisis raised people’s awareness, and accelerated the emergence, of profound social trends such as the growing digitalization of society, the adoption of hybrid working practices, and the acceleration of the energy transition… But it also gave birth to far-reaching expectations regarding the local dimension, the need for social support, and trust: a set of expectations with which the multi-brand cooperative banking model of Groupe BPCE is perfectly aligned.

Groupe BPCE intends to fully grasp this momentum and to realize the full potential of its multi-brand, entrepreneurial cooperative banking model in order to be a front-ranking player in banking, insurance and asset management at the service of all.

An ambitious business development plan deeply aligned with the ongoing transformation of society

Announced publicly on July 8, 2021, this development plan entitled “BPCE 2024” presents the following signature: “More United, More Useful, More Robust

  • More United, because Groupe BPCE, a cooperative, multi-brand and entrepreneurial institution, is strengthening its ability to act collectively through greater simplicity, more joint initiatives, and more shared investments,
  • More Useful, because Groupe BPCE, thanks to its unique cooperative banking model, provides concrete answers to the major social issues of concern to its cooperative shareholders, customers, employees, and partners,
  • More Robust, because Groupe BPCE is ready to seize every opportunity for growth by drawing on the wealth of expertise of its multi-company, multi-brand business model, notably in targeted areas.

A single goal: to be a leader in banking, insurance, and asset management services accessible to all

This ambitious initiative is based on three strategic prioritiesthree key principles, and a set of strong ambitions for each of its business lines (Retail Banking & Insurance, and Global Financial Services).

Three strategic priorities: Winning spirit, Customer, and Climate

  • Winning spirit. Because the group is founded on a future-oriented business model, it intends to speed up the pace of its development,
  • Customer. Because a strong local and regional presence is written in its very DNA, the group undertakes to provide its customers with the highest quality of service over the long term,
  • Climate. Because climate change is the major challenge of our time, the group has made it an area of priority action for all its business lines and companies.

Three key principles: Simplicity, Innovation, and Security

  • Simple: a simpler, more legible and more efficient organization,
  • Innovative: a set of strong ambitions in Data and the Future of work, the foundation for HR innovation,
  • Secure: an enhancement of its economic performance and a confirmation of its role as a trusted third party.
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Presentation of strategic plan 2021-2024


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