21 new award-winners for the Banque Populaire Foundation

Monday, 1 july 2019

On June 19, the Board of Directors of the Banque Populaire Corporate Foundation selected 21 award-winners referred to them by the Banque Populaire banks.

Six musicians enrich the Banque Populaire Foundation with their talent: the composer Matthieu Stefanelli, the pianists Jodyline Gallavardin, Orlando Bass and Alexandre Kantorov, the guitarist Thibaut Garcia (the ‘revelation’ instrumental soloist of the classical music award Victoires de la musique classique in 2019), and the saxophonist Eudes Bernstein.
The Disability Panel selected ten candidates who presented life projects in keeping with the Foundation’s values, such as the desire to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of audacity and courage. Three of them are pursuing higher education: Cyrille Dauvin at the Paul Valery University in Montpellier, Mahamadou Fofana, a native of Mali studying at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, and Raphaël Maillot studying at ENAAI, a school specializing in the applied arts. Five of the prizewinners are leading athletes: Louise Bernard and Méril Loquette in para-badminton, Tristan Le Beller, world champion in armchair football, Willy Mourgues in handisport motorcycle rating, and Guillaume Pedrona in table tennis. Finally, two of them work in farming: Guillaume Bienaime, a horse breeder in the Sarthe region south of Normandy, and Laure Grias, specializing in the breeding of meat animals and meat marketing in the Pyrenees.

Five new enthusiastic craftsmen have also joined the Foundation: the material ‘ennobler,’ William Amor with his social solidarity and eco-responsible project Les créations messagères (“The Emissary Creations”), the Nantes-based blacksmith and knife maker Robin Gagachian, the lacquerer Nicolas Pinon, the textile and paper designer Lucie Toure, and a duo of ceramicists, Gabriel Vuattier and Sylvain Thirouin who have developed an innovative cooperative project at Courtils dans la Manche, a small town in Normandy not far from Mont Saint Michel.

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