Groupe BPCE, the 2nd largest banking group in France, works with a large number of suppliers in all types of business category. Purchasing plays a key role in ensuring the group’s economic performance and forms an integral part of its responsible approach.

BPCE Achats, for a well-balanced relationship with its suppliers

BPCE Achats works for the benefit of the Banques Populaires, the Caisses d’Epargne, BPCE SA and the principal subsidiaries of Groupe BPCE – with a view to optimizing their external expenses and simultaneously enhancing their economic performance.

BPCE Achats coordinates and manages synergies with the regionally-based purchasing teams by capitalizing on best practices adopted throughout the group and by developing a culture of cooperation at a regional level.


Our Responsible Purchasing Policy is founded on the values defended by Groupe BPCE. Our principal ambitions are to help attain the objectives of the strategic plan, to develop a responsible purchasing footprint, and to make Groupe BPCE a front-ranking partner in the supplier ecosystem.

Our Responsible Purchasing Policy is founded on the values defended by Groupe BPCE. Our principal ambitions are to help attain the objectives of the strategic plan, to develop a responsible purchasing footprint, and to make Groupe BPCE a front-ranking partner in the supplier ecosystem.

2022 figures

36,000 suppliers

€4.1bn purchases

Become a Groupe BPCE supplier

The Group’s purchasing requirements are managed centrally or locally to satisfy the needs of Groupe BPCE companies. 

To become a supplier, the following conditions must be met:

  • Compliance with Groupe BPCE’s Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards 
  • Satisfaction of the requirements of the so-called ‘Sapin II’ law on transparency, the fight against corruption, and the modernization of economic life,
  • Compliance with reporting obligations by filing on the Provigis platform  Provigis the mandatory documents required in accordance with the duty of vigilance,
  • Alignment with the commitments made by Groupe BPCE within the framework of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach Responsible purchasing charter 
  • Adoption of a proactive approach to enable Groupe BPCE to benefit from both digital and societal innovations,
    Provision of high quality products and services.

Provided you meet the above-mentioned conditions, if you would like to develop commercial relations with Groupe BPCE, contact BPCE Achats who will reply as soon as possible.
We also welcome innovative or recently-created micro companies and SMEs. 

To join us

The purchasing process


A market analysis is carried out to identify suppliers or technologies likely to be in a position to respond to a consultation process.


Before requesting any products or services, risk analyses are carried out for each identified supplier: financial risk, risk of concealed work, and risk of economic dependence on Groupe BPCE. All consultations are processed via the Group’s Purchasing IS.

Selection & drafting of contracts

All bids are examined using objective selection criteria based on functional, technical, commercial, legal, regulatory, and CSR considerations. Particular attention is paid to developing secure relationships with suppliers.

Monitoring of supplier relations

Mindful of the relationships they develop with their suppliers, the Purchasing teams manage and coordinate all supplier relations by fostering a customer/supplier relationship founded on mutual respect and sense of shared responsibility, notably through the organization of regular meetings.


Supplier payment deadlines are a major issue that concerns all Groupe BPCE companies without exception. Paying suppliers on time is the basis of a healthy and well-balanced relationship. To facilitate the processing of invoices and reduce payment times, suppliers must send their customer an invoice in accordance with the payment schedule specified in the contract.

When dealing with third parties, suppliers are asked to inform their contacts of any potential or established conflicts of interest. As part of the Group’s responsible purchasing policy, suppliers are also required to:

  • Comply with current CSR standards and regulations,
  • Agree to be assessed on their own CSR performance and, if necessary, to propose measures to improve their performance (CSR progress plan, etc.),
  • Support Groupe BPCE in its efforts to achieve its own CSR objectives, notably by proposing innovative products, processes or services.

Processing of personnal data

Within the framework of our relationship with suppliers, we may be required to process some of their personal data. 
To understand how this data is used and how to exercise your rights in this area, please consult the BPCE Achats privacy policy .

Responsible purchasing

The principles of action adopted by BPCE Achats are perfectly consistent with the Group’s CSR ambitions and commitments. Our CSR Approach 

For further details, please consult Groupe BPCE Responsible purchasing policy    

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Responsible purchasing within Groupe BPCE

Discover the approach in a video

Label: promoting a sustainable and well-balanced relationship with our suppliers 

BPCE Achats assists Groupe BPCE companies in obtaining the Label for Supplier Relations and Responsible Procurement (Label Relations fournisseurs et achats responsables). This certification, awarded by the French public authorities, gives official recognition to companies that demonstrate sustainable and well-balanced relationships with their suppliers.
With 14 Groupe BPCE companies committed to this label, this certification system rewards the responsible purchasing strategy pursued by BPCE Achats and the deployment of CSR at the heart of the purchasing function and in supplier relations. RFAR charter .

Reducing our environmental footprint 

In its 2021-2024 strategic plan, Groupe BPCE has set itself the target of reducing its carbon footprint by 15% within three years.
One of our priorities is to achieve even more responsible purchasing by systematically taking account of CSR criteria, including our carbon footprint, in all specifications, consultations and supplier relations. TCFD, the climate report of Groupe BPCE (2022 Edition)


In order to encourage the amicable settlement of disputes with suppliers liable to arise during the performance of contracts, BPCE Achats has appointed an in-house Supplier Relations Mediator responsible for promoting, through dialogue and consultation, solutions in the best interests of all parties concerned.

Suppliers may refer a matter to the Supplier Relations Mediator if they consider that they have taken every possible step with their operational contacts to remedy the difficulties encountered in the course of their business relationship. It is essential to remind the mediator of the steps already taken. Submissions are made by e-mail: Supplier Relations Mediator

The procedure is as follows:  

  • In the event of failure to reach an amicable agreement with the supplier’s usual operational contact during the performance of the contract, the supplier should contact the Purchasing Manager of BPCE Achats or the Group company with which it has signed a contract,
  • Should it prove impossible to reach an amicable agreement after discussions with the Purchasing Manager, the supplier may request the intervention of the BPCE Achats Supplier Relations Mediator.
  • In the absence of an amicable agreement after discussions with the BPCE Achats Supplier Relations Mediator, the supplier may request the intervention of the Companies Ombudsman of the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty (Médiateur des entreprises du ministère de l’économie, des Finances et de Souveraineté industrielle et numérique).

Developing the use of inclusive suppliers

Groupe BPCE contributes to the professional and social integration of people with disabilities by subcontracting certain activities to the protected and adapted work sector.

Groupe BPCE currently works with more than 200 suppliers from this sector, offering various types of services on a direct or co-contracting basis.