5th week for Clarisse Crémer in the Vendée Globe 2020, on the Mono Banque Populaire X

Friday, 11 december 2020

The Banque Populaire skipper arrives in the depths of the Indian Ocean, sailing on the chaotic swell of the ocean waves: a week worth experiencing anew!

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To comment on Clarisse’s fifth week, Ronan Lucas, the Manager of Team Banque Populaire, reviews her sailing around the Cape of Good Hope, the race against the St. Helena high pressure system, her sailing near the area covered by permanent sea ice, and her discovery of the Indian Ocean! 

An intense and typical “Indian” week aboard the Mono Banque Populaire X! In the past few hours, Clarisse has passed the longitude of the famous Kerguelen Islands and has already crossed one half of this, her 3rd ocean in the race! She is currently sailing in 13th position.