A ‘Blue Bank’ to promote the sea as a sustainable growth driver

Tuesday, 20 april 2021

Banque Populaire Grand Ouest and Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest, two banks active in supporting their coastal regions, have created a joint brand – Banque Bleue (‘Blue Bank’) – to serve the maritime economy in the Western France region.

The two banks – one created to serve the needs of entrepreneurs and the other set up to serve the maritime industry – have developed their activities within their local communities and coastal regions. This local attachment finds concrete expression in the branches of the new banking networks and their support of entrepreneurs, local business leaders, associations, and individual customers in their various life projects related to the sea and the seaboard. 
With this new brand, the two banks aim to promote the sea as a sustainable growth driver. This ambition is formalized in the adoption of five key commitments: to finance and invest in the maritime economy, to support a responsible maritime economy, to highlight the work of seafarers, to share their passion with the general public, and to become actively involved in the maritime economy of the future.

The seaboard of western France boasts 2,700 kilometers of coastline and is home to a majority of the country’s maritime activities. The initiatives identified as ‘blue growth’ projects represent a total of €120 million every year. Learn more about them on the recently launched ‘Blue Bank’ website