A Code of Conduct and Ethics for Groupe BPCE staff

Friday, 29 march 2019

The Code of Conduct and Ethics is designed for all staff and presents the 12 principles that must guide their day-to-day behavior.

Irreproachable conduct, whether within the companies making up our group or in relations with all our partners, forms the basis of trust demanded by our customers, cooperative shareholders, board members and stakeholders. Legal and regulatory obligations do not always provide a suitable answer as to how to behave in the variety of situations that each employee may face.

The group’s engagements

The Code of Conduct and Ethics is designed to provide each individual employee with help in making decisions, when faced with a doubt that makes it difficult to determine where the long-term interests of his or her customer or the company lie. The Code sets out the ensuing rules of conduct, summarized in 12 principles and illustrated with practical situations.

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