A medal, a flame, and Marianne for Paris 2024

Monday, 21 october 2019

“The best of humankind and the best of sport” were the words chosen by Tony Estanguet, President of the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee, to present the new visual identity of Paris 2024 at a meeting in the auditorium of the Grand Rex cinema in Paris. Coming after the symbol of the Eiffel Tower used in the bid to host the 2024 games, the new emblem will, for the first time, be shared by both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games.

Above all, this emblem is the combination of three other symbols. First of all, the gold medal: the dream of every athlete, the symbol of pushing oneself to the very limits in sport, and the determination to hold nothing back in order to claim victory. Next, the flame: that special energy and enthusiasm that sets the Olympics alight, uniting people across national borders and generations and urging them to be daring, to invent new ways of staging the Games.
And finally, Marianne: the woman recognized as the personification of France around the world. She also represents a tribute to female athletes, and is an important historical reference for it was at the Paris Olympics in 1900 that female athletes were allowed to compete for the very first time.  

A face to place people at the heart of the Games 

This new face reflects the new ambition of Paris 2024: Olympic and Paralympic Games that are open, participatory, inclusive, and people-centered. “It is now the face of all of us; it’s your face; it’s the face of all those who truly want to contribute to the success of Paris 2024,” concluded Tony Estanguet. And this is our ambition for the next five years.