A new, revamped version of the Caisse d’Epargne website!

Monday, 21 june 2021

Easier to use, more accessible, closer to customers: these are the three key principles inspiring the newly designed Caisse d’Epargne website available online since June 19.

This revamped website – the brand’s primary commercial showcase boasting 6 million unique visitors every month – is in full compliance with the new visual identity and new advertising territory unveiled in early June, aimed to give fresh impetus to the brand. 

With its sleek new design, more fluid browsing experience, a revised editorial line, and the use of more impactful visuals, everything has been done to make our customers and prospects want to access and explore the site, to sign up for products and services, and to come back again. How? By offering simple and personalized content more closely aligned with customers’ needs, and by facilitating access to the simulation and subscription processes and to ways to contact customer advisors (online appointment booking, call-back service, etc.). The site’s browsing experience is also optimized for all types of devices: computers, smartphones, and tablets.  

Easier to use, more accessible, closer to customers: the new Caisse d’Epargne website is here. Enjoy your visit!