A “Week Against Wasted Talent”

Monday, 3 february 2020

In the week running from February 3 – 7, 2020, the Banque Populaire banks have joined forces with Adie, an association dedicated to promoting economic initiative, in a drive to lift the barriers to new business creation.

This “Week Against Wasted Talent” and in favor of entrepreneurial action consists of a series of events and workshops organized throughout metropolitan France and in overseas French territories with a view to training young entrepreneurs, taking action in the very heart of urban neighborhoods, encouraging entrepreneurship in rural areas, developing entrepreneurship among women, and establishing a local presence alongside new business creators.

Adie and the Banque Populaire banks have been partners for more than 20 years in pursuit of their shared ambition to give as many people as possible the means to undertake, to set up their own businesses, and to succeed in areas where success is not necessarily expected, thereby contributing to the economic dynamism of the regions.

You can consult of week’s program of events on Adie website.