Athletics: silver is the prize of perseverance for Timothée Adolphe!

Friday, 3 september 2021

Timothée Adolphe, supported by Banque Populaire Val de France, won the silver medal in the 100m T11 class final for visually impaired athletes: a tremendous feat and result of his determination and perseverance despite a whole series of setbacks.

Personal best beaten
He has no regrets because he put everything he had into winning this very fine silver medal with his guide Bruno Naprix. By running the 100m in 10”90 Timothée Adolphe, supported by Banque Populaire Val de France, improved his personal best by 9 hundredths of a second, proof that he entered the competition at the peak of physical fitness and prepared to go all out to win. This is what all competitors strive to do during a competition as important as the Tokyo Paralympics. 

400m World Champion
For him, this success was all the more satisfying as he was unfortunately disqualified from the 400m, of which he is the reigning world champion, because he crossed the finishing line without being attached to his guide. But this member of the Paris University Club, where he has long been training with former 800m world vice-champion Arthemon Hatungimana, rose perfectly to the occasion by giving a magnificent performance in the final of the 100m T11 class sprint. 

Timothée Adolphe, 31, suffers from congenital glaucoma but has everything it takes to give a great performance once again in Paris in three years’ time, and claim the finest of all medals!

Photo credit: G. Picout