August 5 – News about the night and daytime events

Thursday, 5 august 2021

Discover the latest news of the athletes and teams supported by Groupe BPCE companies, live from Tokyo!

This new day’s schedule featured team sports and the modern pentathlon. And what a day it was! After triumphing in two highly significant matches, the men’s handball and basketball teams will go on to play in their Olympic finals. This represents a 4th consecutive final for the team coached by Guillaume Gille, and a new chance for gold – twenty-one years after the last one! – for Vincent Collet’s players (see article). Don’t forget to tune in for the finals in these two disciplines on Saturday… pending the women’s semi-finals tomorrow. 

After an initial fencing event this morning, Elodie Clouvel and Marie Oteiza will continue to strive for glory in the modern pentathlon. Currently ranking 24th and 13th respectively, the two athletes will have a chance to score more points tomorrow with the freestyle swimming event, fencing bonus round, horseback riding, and the laser-run (a combination of running and shooting) event. The next round in the competition starts tomorrow at 8am (French time) with the 200m freestyle swimming event.

Anouck Jaubert, who qualified for the final of the women’s combined climbing event, will be giving her all on Friday morning (10:30 am) and try to achieve an outstanding performance in her attempt to win a medal. Rayan Helal – already a medalist in the team event – will be competing in the men’s keirin, a track cycling event, on Saturday and Sunday. In athletics, Jimmy Gressier will try to play his cards well in the final of the 5,000m race. The task ahead of him promises to be extremely difficult!
Finally, there will be no medals for Pascal Martinot-Lagarde in the 110m hurdles, who came 5th in the final, six hundredths of a second too slow for a place on the podium, or for Maxime Beaumont, 9th in the general ranking at the end of the K1 200m competition (kayak) despite a victory in final B.