August 6 – News about the night and daytime events

Friday, 6 august 2021

Discover the latest news of the athletes and teams supported by Groupe BPCE companies, live from Tokyo!

The members of the French women’s handball team have the gold medal in their sights! After a particularly close match in the semi-final, the French beat Sweden (29-27) to win their place in the final. With the certainty of winning at least a silver medal, they will be facing Norway or Russia on Sunday at 8:00 am in their quest for gold.

Unfortunately, the women in our basketball team didn’t enjoy the same success. Despite getting off to a very good start, they lost in the semi-final to the Japanese who displayed an impressive level of play in this match. The French team coached by Valérie Garnier will be meeting Serbia for the bronze medal on Saturday at 9:00 am. The competition isn’t over yet!
Marie Le Net came in 5th place in the Madison, an endurance cycling relay race with teams of 2 people that includes a series of sprints during the competition. Although they were cycling for a medal at the halfway point, the young athlete and her teammate mismanaged a changeover and squandered their chance of reaching the podium. 
Anouck Jaubert, who was running 6th before the last climbing event (the ‘lead’ stage), didn’t manage to improve her position and kept this place in the final ranking of the combined event. 
Élodie Clouvel and Marie Oteiza achieved a 6th and 10th place respectively in the modern pentathlon: after a very good performance in the show jumping event, which enabled them to rise up in the rankings, they didn’t manage to perform sufficiently well in the laser-run stage of the competition to win a place on the podium.

In athletics, Jimmy Gressier was unfortunately outclassed in the 5,000m final.

Copyright photo : KMSP