Banque Palatine is the new Official Partner of the French Golf Federation

Monday, 23 january 2023

Banque Palatine and the French Golf Federation sign an agreement to formalize their partnership for the next three years.

Through this partnership, Banque Palatine, a Premium Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024, is reasserting its commitment to the development of golf and its attachment to the values embodied by this sport: a striving for excellence, mutual confidence (which implies the development of a long-term trusting relationship), and tenacity, an essential quality that enables players constantly to call themselves into question, to bounce back more effectively after disappointments, and to take account of their environment.

This partnership will also be an opportunity to organize local events and stage meetings between Banque Palatine’s customers, employees, and golfers to enable them all to become ambassadors for this sport. 

In its capacity as a sponsor actively committed to sport, Banque Palatine supports four athletes – Élodie Clouvel, Gaëlle Edon, Camille Jaguelin, and Nicolas Muller – within the framework of the Performance Pact Foundation hosted by the French Sports Foundation. It also works through the Palatine Women Project mentoring scheme to support female athletes and para-athletes pursuing entrepreneurial projects as part of their career transition process. Finally, the bank also supports the Alice Milliat Foundation, the first European foundation for women’s sports.

“We share the same flame”