Banque Populaire du Sud and Montpellier Décathlon Elite dream of 2024!

Friday, 2 april 2021

Banque Populaire du Sud and the Montpellier Décathlon Elite association have signed a partnership agreement to support hopeful athletes in the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024.

 Kevin Mayer, President of the association, Sébastien Mellado, Director of Communications at BPS, the athletes Déborah Sananes and Makenson Gletty along with their respective coaches, Bruno Gajer and Bertrand Valcin, all gathered to mark the occasion.

A partnership worth its weight in gold…
“I’m dreaming of 2024” is much more than just a slogan; it’s a rallying cry shared by the participants whose awareness of the stakes and expression of their winning spirit were physically palpable around the signatories table. This partnership sets up a collective of allies driven by the shared ambition of bringing home from Paris 2024 as many medals as possible for the French Olympic & Paralympic teams. Each of the partners will pool their talent, expertise and commitment. “With Paris 2024, we have an opportunity to join in a unique adventure that unites us all around a common dream: to offer exceptional Olympic Games to the world and, especially, to France,” explains Sébastien Mellado.

This is the reason why Banque Populaire du Sud signed this partnership agreement to support and accompany Déborah and Makenson, two hopefuls in the world of French athletics at the pinnacle of their sporting disciplines, with the help of the Montpellier Décathlon Elite association and driven by the values of the Olympic movement that mirror those of Banque Populaire du Sud, namely: team spirit, the search for performance, and a sense of solidarity.

This partnership corresponds naturally to the essential DNA of a cooperative bank such as Banque Populaire du Sud, a key player in the financing of the regional economy, rooted in its local communities, and committed to the long term.

2024 is much more than a dream; it’s a reality for Banque Populaire du Sud, which is helping to allow these young hopefuls to take part in these Games organized in France, a first for 100 years!

Photo, from left to right: Déborah Sananes/Makenson Gletty/Kevin Mayer/Sébastien Mellado
Photo credit: BPS

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