Banque Populaire du Sud joins the “Entreprendre 2024” movement

Friday, 12 february 2021

February 4, 2021: Banque Populaire du Sud has in turn joined the movement set in motion by the “Entreprendre 2024” program designed to inform business organizations about the wealth of opportunities related to the organization of the Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Customers, partners, as well as institutionals and potential new customers were invited to a webinar to allow them to appreciate more fully the advantages of this system. More than one hundred companies attended. The meeting’s agenda included the stakes and economic opportunities related to the organization of the Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games but also the efforts made by the Banque Populaire du Sud to support craftspersons and artisans, VSE-SMEs, and entities active in the regional social and solidarity economy with a view to helping them take part in tender offers and seize the opportunities related to Paris 2024.

Business sectors and economic players: everyone concerned

A wide range of business sectors are concerned: construction and public works, catering, event organization, security, IT, transport, etc… and, irrespective of their size, all the VSEs, SMEs, and entities in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) active in the region can apply.

“We are here to prepare our country’s most important event of the next four years in our capacity as a regional bank whose raison d’être for more than a century has been to contribute to the development of our economy through the support of the 4,500 SMEs in our region,” said Benoit Viguier, Director of Business and Engineering at Banque Populaire du Sud.

“The opportunities begin today and in every region,” emphasized Gilles Verdure, manager of Economic, Social and Territorial Attractiveness within the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee. But how do these opportunities manifest themselves? First of all, through the welcome given to sports delegations, with the creation of Games preparation centers and the financial investments to be generated by these activities. A total of 27 centers of this type will be set up in the Bank’s catchment area. Second element: the Terre de Jeux (“Land of Games”) label created by Paris 2024.  Seven départements served by the Banque Populaire du Sud have already been awarded this Terre de Jeux label to inject new life into the region with the organization of sporting events and activities over the coming months and years. 

Be bold and apply! 

VSEs, SMEs and SSE entities can also count on the two dedicated platforms to become registered, obtain support, submit tender offers, and win contracts. These 2 platforms are Entreprises 2024, supported by the MEDEF employer federation for VSE/SMEs, and ESS 2024, a platform supported by the Les Canaux association and specifically devoted to players active in the social and solidarity economy. 

“No one should think twice about being listed. We need to make people realize this!” concluded Pierre Chauvois, General Manager of Banque Populaire du Sud.