Banque Populaire gives a helping hand to artisan bakers-pâtissiers

Friday, 31 march 2023

Faced with rising energy prices, Banque Populaire is offering artisan bakers-pâtissiers its support.

Artisan bakers-pâtissiers are currently facing a substantial hike in their electricity bills, a shock that sometimes leaves them facing cash-flow difficulties. 

Banque Populaire, which accompanies more than one out of every three artisan bakers-pâtissiers in France, has agreed with the National Confederation of French Bread & Cake Bakeries (CNBPF) to offer the profession its support by staging meetings with individual artisans to learn more about their circumstances, by informing them about how to go about obtaining State aid and, depending on their particular situations, by offering them solutions tailored to their cash-flow problems. 

View the video interview with Thomas Vassel, Director of the Banque Populaire Professional market at BPCE: it was broadcast to the entire profession (i.e. 33,000 artisan bakers & pâtissiers) via the social networks and via the CNBPF’s web TV.