Banque Populaire sailing – For Clarisse Crémer, the joys of a first solo race

Wednesday, 15 july 2020

Clarisse has completed her very first single-handed race at the helm of an IMOCA class racing yacht. Crossing the finishing line yesterday night after a little over 10 days of racing, she finished in 12th position in the Vendée – Arctic – Les Sables race.

Clarisse crossed the finishing line off Les Sables-d’Olonne after 10 days, 12 hours, 24 minutes, and 24 seconds of racing, achieving an average speed of 12.47 knots on a route taking the competitors to the southern tip of Iceland before returning to the Vendée in France. 

If she was under pressure and highly focused on each maneuver at the start of the race – all the more so as the first few days were extremely demanding technically – the uncertainties and worries at the beginning gradually gave way to the pleasure of sailing. Although she then had to face highly changeable, difficult-to-handle weather conditions, Clarisse managed to keep up with the other competitors and reveal her full potential. This highly competitive young woman puts up a tremendous struggle and holds nothing back… and does so with a smile! 

By successfully completing her first single-handed race at the helm of the Mono Banque Populaire X, Clarisse is continuing to progress towards her principal goal: the Vendée Globe, which will start on November 8th. “A lot of work remains to be done,” she admitted. “Even if the boat is ready, there are some details to be worked out with the team.” After a few days of well-deserved rest, the thirty-something yachtswoman will be testing her sails in the Vendée Globe before going on to compete in other single-handed sailing races.