Banque Populaire strengthens its ties with Germany

Monday, 20 may 2019

Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne (BPALC) has signed a partnership agreement with SaarLB, a German regional bank based in Saarbrucken, to develop cross-border relations.

The contract between these two long-standing partners includes the mutual promotion of their financing and banking services for cross-border investments (German companies investing in France or French companies investing in Germany).  This partnership will be based on the Pôle franco-allemand, a marketplace set up in January by SaarLB specifically for Franco-German investments.

This investment platform will also make it possible to take advantage of the complementary strengths of the two banks in terms of customers and range of banking products and services. The BPALC has also made German companies a key focus of its business development within the framework of its Acceleration 2020 strategic plan. For SaarLB, the fact that BPALC is a member of Groupe BPCE is a strong point, which will enable it, in partnership with BPALC, to offer its customers in France a comprehensive range of banking products and services.

In the photo, from left to right: Frank ELOY, Market Director of SaarLB; Thomas BRETZGER, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SaarLB; Dominique WEIN, General Manager of BPALC; Marc THIRION, Director of the BPALC Business Network and Specialized Financing; Jochen LEGLEITNER, Director General of SaarLB in France, at the partnership signing ceremony.