Basketball: reorganization and confirmation of the French Teams’ coaching staff

Thursday, 28 may 2020

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics until 2021 has forced the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) to confirm and reorganize its coaching staff.

Continuity in coaching
You don’t change winning coaches! To a certain extent, this is the policy adopted by the FFBB as far as the coaches of its national teams are concerned. When the postponement of the Olympics was announced, the Federation confirmed Vincent Collet and Valérie Garnier for a further year at the head of the French men’s and women’s teams respectively. Both teams have already qualified for the Tokyo Olympics: the men, after their fine performance in securing 3rd position in the last World Championships, qualified directly; as for the women, they skillfully navigated the Olympic Qualification Tournament held in Bourges last February to qualify for the games. In view of these results, the coaches will have to manage this very special year carefully as far as preparation is concerned. And if the French teams put up a good performance in Tokyo, it is not unreasonable to imagine that these two respected coaches will continue their mandate in the run-up to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Céline Dumerc, manager
It should be noted that this policy of stability also applies to the management team as a whole. Patrick Beesley has consequently been retained as general manager of the French men’s team along with his deputy, Boris Diaw, who will hold this position until the Tokyo Olympics. 
Precisely in order to accompany the French women’s team in the same configuration, i.e. with a general manager who complements the work of the coach, the Federation has appointed to this position Céline Dumerc, the former captain of the French team selected 262 times to represent her country. She shares a similar profile with Boris Diaw, i.e. a great champion, respected by the players, capable of acting as a link between the group and the coach. She can also provide other vectors of communication between the different people involved and relieve Valérie Garnier of certain tasks, notably in the run-up to the competition. Thanks to these decisions, the French Teams are in battle order, ready to face this season and its numerous attendant uncertainties.