Behind a skipper, there’s a team: discovering the members of the Banque Populaire Sailing Team!

Friday, 29 january 2021

A spotlight on the members of Team Banque Populaire, the men and women who enabled Clarisse Crémer and her boat to cast off from the pier and embark upon the Vendée Globe, and who remain in contact with her 24 hours a day to ensure the young skipper gives of her very best.

Offshore racing is above all a collective venture: a whole team is mobilized around their skipper’s success. They are the men and women “working in the shadows”, be they riggers, fitters, ropeworkers, etc. A few days before Clarisse arrives in Les Sables d’Olonne, we have decided to bring five of them into the limelight, giving them an opportunity to explain their roles and responsibilities. 

We give the floor to the Team!

Noémie Furet is in charge of administration and logistics, responsible for all onboard supplies and logistics. 
–> To listen to Noémie, click here! 

Pierre Emmanuel Hérissé is the Team’s Technical Director. In addition to his role as coordinator, he has sailed a lot with Clarisse as she familiarized herself with the Mono Banque Populaire X. 
–> Pierre Emmanuel shares his experience…

Gautier Levisse is in charge of the design office and therefore responsible for the boat’s performance.
 –> Gautier tells you what he does!

Florent Vilboux is responsible for deck fittings and composite materials
–> Florent tells you about winches and carbon fiber…

Yannick Guernec is in charge of everything related to onboard electronics, computers, energy and telecoms.  
–> To listen to Yannick

And if you’d like to learn more about all the other members of Team Banque Populaire, just click HERE

Photo Credit: Manu Duclos