Being close to our customers and letting them know it…

Thursday, 9 april 2020

The Banque Populaire banks and Caisses d’Epargne have launched a major communications campaign in support of business owners and entrepreneurs.

In their capacity as local retail banking institutions, committed to their customers, the Banque Populaire banks and Caisses d’Epargne are positioning themselves as key partners of the business community.

Since April 7, the two retail banking networks have been running a major campaign in support of craftspeople, shopkeepers, self-employed professionals, and business organizations. The campaign is designed to highlight how the two banking networks have mobilized their efforts in favor of their business customers and to inform them about the different measures taken to assist them during these exceptional times, namely: State-guaranteed loans and the deferment of loan repayments. 

With commercials aired on the radio (general interest stations) and published online (web, social networks) as well as via newspapers (regional press) and agency advertising (print and dynamic), all types of media will be used by the brands throughout the month of April to reach out to business owners and entrepreneurs, to help them find solutions to get through these difficult times and, in the process, be prepared to spring back once the crisis comes to an end.