BPCE Solutions informatiques: teams of highly enthusiastic and committed people…

Thursday, 29 june 2023

To showcase the enthusiasm and skills of its teams, BPCE Solutions informatiques (BPCE SI) has produced a mini-series entitled Forcément, ça déteint (“It inevitably rubs off on you!”) broadcast on the social networks. The four-part series features company employees – who work for us in real life! – in a light-hearted way.

Simplifying your life… and the lives of others

BPCE SI employs a total of 2,600 men and women, all experts in tech and data, focused on serving the needs of the business lines of Groupe BPCE banks (Banques Populaires, Caisses d’Epargne, etc.) and their customers. Present throughout all of regional France, the teams are specialized in more than 80 IT professions and design high-performance technological solutions dedicated to improving the customer and user experience. 
In the Forcément, ça déteint series, we discover committed and enthusiastic characters who are always prepared to lend a hand and who see their work as much more than just a job! 

Épisode 1 : « Family meal »

The family is about to eat their dessert when Mat, a BPCE SI employee, solves a problem with his father’s mailbox in just a few clicks, something of considerable interest to the rest of the family.

Customer experience, our priority  

BPCE SI focuses on various areas of expertise (architecture, customer pathways, agility, etc.), technologies and programming languages. Mobility, the digitization of banking relations, the processing of customer data, and new user experiences are just some of the solutions integrated into the more than 2,000 banking applications, 90% of which are developed in agile mode. One example is featured in Episode 2 « L’Applizza », presented by a BPCE SI employee who’s having a few of her friends over for dinner. She introduces them to a new, highly sophisticated app she’s created, giving it a live test run with her guests!

In the Episode 3, « Customized road trip », it’s a young couple’s turn to optimize the route of their holiday trip, thanks to the woman’s project management skills. 

The final episode of the mini-series « Vanessa’s hack » features two employees discussing a personal matter in the office: Fred has lost control of his connected speaker that’s been commandeered by his young children. Thanks to his colleague’s suggestion, all he has to do is re-write a few lines of code and his voice will be the only one detected.

As a top-tier employer, BPCE SI also pursues a dynamic recruitment policy geared to young people and, more particularly, to male and female information systems specialists. It recruits about one hundred people every year, and offers a large number of work-study opportunities.

You can learn more about us on the BPCE Solutions Informatiques website