December 2021: rendezvous at your local cinema for the latest theatrical releases financed by Natixis Coficiné!

Wednesday, 1 december 2021

Natixis Coficiné, a Groupe BPCE company specializing in financing the film and audiovisual industries, ranks No.1 in the European film financing market.

As the chilly days of winter draw nigh, it’s time to take refuge in the cozy warmth of your local cinema and enjoy the December lineup of films financed by Natixis Coficiné or its Sofica finance companies!

  • The Accusation by Yvan Attal, with Ben Attal, Suzanne Jouannet, and Charlotte Gainsbourg,
  • Petrov’s Flu by Kirill Serebrennikov, with Semyon Serzin, Chulpan Khamatova, and Yuriy Borisov,
  • Mum is Pouring Rain by Hugo de Faucompret, Javier Navarro Avilés, Dina Velikovskaya…, with Yolande Moreau, Arthur H., and Céline Sallette,
  • Her Way by Cécile Ducrocq, with Laure Calamy, Nissim Renard, and Béatrice Facquer,
  • Christmas with the Tuche by Olivier Baroux, with Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, and Michel Blanc,
  • Lifelines by Fabienne Godet, with Julie Moulier, Lucie Debay, and Arnaud Valois,
  • Wife of a Spy by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, with Yû Aoi, Issey Takahashi, and Hyunri,
  • Au cœur du bois (In the Heart of the Woods) by Claus Drexel, a documentary,
  • The Love Letter by Jérôme Bonnell, with Grégory Montel, Grégory Gadebois, and Anaïs Demoustier,
  • Madeleine Collins by Antoine Barraud, with Virginie Efira, Bruno Salomone, and Quim Gutiérrez,
  • The Test by Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud, with Alexandra Lamy, Philippe Katerine, and Matteo Perez,
  • A Perfect Enemy by Kike Maillo, with Tomasz Kot, Athena Strates, and Marta Nieto.