Disability: A Week to Talk About It

Monday, 16 november 2020

The 24th edition of the European Disability Employment Week running from November 16th to 22nd provides us with an excellent opportunity to take stock of Groupe BPCE’s Disability policy.

In pursuit of its day-to-day activities, Groupe BPCE is committed to integrating disabled people into the workplace under the best possible conditions, reconciling any constraints related to their disability with their ability to perform their professional duties, and ensuring they enjoy the same career opportunities as other employees. This approach, which has been rolled out in all Group companies, has resulted in a significant increase in the employment of disabled people. 

The Group’s employment rate for people with disabilities currently stands at 4.9%, representing a total of more than 4,300 employees at the end of 2019. This positive trend is based on several structural measures, the most important being the Disability Agreements drawn up to define the framework, to set targets, and mobilize resources to serve four priority action areas: enhancing job retention, developing skills and employability, diversifying recruitment, and increasing the use of procurement from disability-friendly companies active in the sheltered sector.

This ongoing drive depends upon a large number of individuals, all involved in implementing the Disability policy: the senior managers of BPCE’s companies and members of the Corporate HR Department who define and promote the Disability policy and, together with employee representatives, sign commitments to respect these measures, Disability Officers who, in each company, work to implement actions on a day-to-day basis… along with HR officers, managers, occupational physicians, etc. A whole organization exists within the Group committed every day to the employment of people with disabilities.

Listen to the podcast recorded by Alain Fournier, Director of Employee Experience & Employment Policies in the Corporate HR Department