Environmental transition: Banque Populaire awards a prize for property developers/renovators

Thursday, 10 november 2022

On November 8, the first prize-giving ceremony for the RénoVert award was held to give public recognition to the work of property developers and renovators actively contributing to sustainable building renovation work.

The real estate industry, along with the transportation sector, is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases (accounting for approximately 30% of the total*). It is also the principal energy-consuming sector (45%*). There are also 4.8 million homes (16.7% of the total housing stock*) currently considered to be poorly insulated heat sieves. Decarbonizing the building sector is consequently a prerequisite for achieving carbon neutrality in France. 

To celebrate and support professionals involved in the renovation and rehabilitation of old buildings, Banque Populaire and UNIS, the leading organization of real estate professionals, decided to create a national prize: the RénoVert award. This award’s first prize-giving ceremony was held on November 8 during the “Rent” trade show dedicated to innovations for real estate professionals. 

Making buildings more sustainable 
 What this award sets out to achieve is simple: to give encouragement to property developers/renovators working to improve the quality of the buildings they renovate, and to highlight their know-how as they make our cities more beautiful and improve the quality of life of local residents. 

The RénoVert award also recognizes the work and support provided by the 145 experts working alongside the Banques Populaires real estate professionals. Thanks to their financing, they help to improve the quality of existing buildings in order to enhance the quality of life of their residents and users. 

Meeting the highest environmental standards 
This first edition of the award provided an opportunity to celebrate two winners, selected in light of the environmental, living and societal qualities generated by their renovation projects.  

First of all, the Domaine de l’Ariondaz residential complex (renovated by SUREH’VALOR) in Courchevel in the French Alps received the 2022 RénoVert Award. The challenge facing this project was to transform a 6-building apartment complex built in the 1960s and to bring it up to current environmental standards: renovating and insulating the buildings to improve their energy performance in order to lower the cost of use of the residence but also to improve the residents’ everyday comfort and enhance the aesthetics of the residential complex and its environment  

The Le Dix Solférino project (carried out by APSYS) was awarded the selection panel’s ‘Special Prize.’ This iconic listed mansion house now meets the highest environmental quality standards thanks, in particular, to the installation of photovoltaic panels, bio-sourced insulation, double glazing with very high thermal performance, and a ventilation system designed to use renewable energy. 

*Source: French Ministry of Energy Transition