Exploring and experimenting IT: shining a light on Groupe BPCE’s ‘Lab42’

Friday, 7 april 2023

Groupe BPCE, the 2nd largest banking group in France, offers interesting career opportunities in all areas of banking, insurance and finance, as well as openings in the IT and digital professions.

Groupe BPCE launched ‘Lab42’ in February 2020 in order to showcase its expertise and different business lines as well as to attract new talent and highly promising individuals in this field. ‘Lab42’ – the fruit of a partnership with Ecole 42, the first tech school providing free IT training open to all without any prior diploma requirements – welcomes between 10 and 15 students during the year, invited to work with the Group’s teams. The aim of this initiative is to explore, experiment, and prepare for the industrialization of future projects related to a wide range of topics such as Cloud Computing, Infrastructure, Security, Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technology. The underlying premise of this action is that an idea can turn into a tangible project.

Developing the projects of the future

Thrust into the heart of innovation and invention, the students work on creating and supporting our business lines as they move towards the banking world of the future. It’s also a way to promote another image of banking – the image of an agile and innovative industry – and to showcase our technologies, teams, expertise, and professions in IT, all of which are focused on customer service. 

And it works! More than three years after welcoming the first group of young people, nearly 60 students graduating from Ecole 42 have passed through Lab42. Many of them have continued to work for us after their internship. And it’s not over yet! Lab42 is currently recruiting for the month of September!