Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires: new partnership with the European Chair on Intangibles

Friday, 17 may 2019

With 41% of French companies and 1/3 of business creators already customers of the Banque Populaire, the retail banking network plays a virtually systemic role in the process of new business creation and the development of their ecosystems.

Thanks to its peer-led approach, Banque Populaire maintains close ties with all the networks involved in the creation of traditional businesses… but at a time when a new type of economy is emerging, driven by new market balances and new technologies, it is essential that the bank should take part in this new dynamic.

What does ‘intangible’ actually mean? It immediately brings intellectual property rights to mind but intangible capital also embraces the full range of human, technological and digital capital, the company’s brand and reputation, research & development, organizational processes, etc. This resource – which generally remains invisible yet is omnipresent for all that – is an essential source of value creation. In any case, this is what is revealed by the most recent research in this field: the value of companies and economic systems is chiefly created from intangible assets. The latter vary according to the territorial resources, each of which possesses its own specificity.

The partnership with Banque Populaire is part of the work of the academic department’s work to understand and analyze the global innovation system in the French regions. The idea is to discover the extent to which territories can learn from one other, to highlight the relevant levers for success, and to formalize these tools by creating a territorial innovation index. Intelligent benchmarking will have to be organized to support the development of all the different territories.

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