Fifteen new award-winners join the Banque Populaire Foundation

Friday, 10 january 2020

Since 1992, the Banque Populaire Foundation has been promoting individual initiative and supporting the life projects of talented, creative and entrepreneurial people in three key areas: Music, Disability, and the Applied Arts.

Four musicians selected by the Music Panel, chaired by the composer Philippe Hersant, bring their talent to the Foundation. The Disability Panel, chaired by Bertrand Brugerolle, has given its support to six new life projects embodying values such as the desire to undertake new ventures and to surpass oneself. Finally, five impassioned craftsmen join the Foundation, recommended by the Applied Arts Panel chaired by Gérard Desquand, the heraldic engraver.

Since its creation, the Banque Populaire Foundation has supported a total of 856 talented individuals.

Learn more about the 15 new award-winners on the Banque Populaire Foundation website.