Financing of a local authority-inspired wind farm project

Wednesday, 19 july 2023

BPCE ENERGECO has arranged financing for its customer VALOREM’s local authority-inspired wind farm in Andilly-les-Marais (Charente-Maritime), in association with COOPEC and TERRA ENERGIES.

BPCE ENERGECO, in association with Crédit Coopératif, Caisse d’Epargne Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes, Banque Populaire Aquitaine Centre Atlantique, and NEF, has arranged financing for a wind farm project jointly developed by VALOREM, COOPEC and TERRA ENERGIES in the municipality of Andilly-les-Marais (in the Charente-Maritime département in southwestern France), representing an investment of 33.8 million euros. 

“We are particularly proud of this financing of the Andilly-les-Marais wind farm. This collaboration illustrates BPCE ENERGECO’s determination, in line with the commitment made by Groupe BPCE in this area, to support our customers’ investments aimed at promoting the ecological transition,” said Grégory Faillenet, CEO of BPCE ENERGECO, a financial institution actively involved in renewable energy financing.

This unprecedented project, launched in 2017 by the local town council, was approved in record time by the departmental authorities thanks, in particular, to its nature as a participatory and locally-inspired initiative. Elected representatives, citizens, businesses and local associations have all been involved in the project from the very outset, ensuring that it meets local needs and expectations.
The Andilly-les-Marais wind farm consists of three wind turbines with a capacity of 16.8 MW and will generate nearly 48.5 GWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 10,600 households.