Gender diversity in Groupe BPCE: let’s talk about it!

Monday, 8 march 2021

On March 8, to mark this year’s International Women’s Day, Groupe BPCE is heightening its commitment to gender equality with the signature of a Gender Equality Charter.

The Group remains mobilized
Over the past several years, the Group has implemented a number of key measures such as the inclusion of gender diversity principles into all HR processes, strict gender parity in all management training programs, and support for women in managing their careers. The main indicators show that progress is being made but our targets regarding gender mix have not yet been attained, and the Group remains mobilized in its drive to achieve them.

At the end of 2020, the proportion of women managers stood at 44.5% and the proportion of women among senior managers reached 27.9%, a slight increase over 2019 (see graph).

The gender equality index remains stable at 91/100.

The Gender Equality Charter: concrete commitments for Groupe BPCE
The aim of the Gender Equality Charter is to share common convictions about gender equality among all Groupe BPCE companies through ten concrete commitments that will be pursued and developed in the years to come. By signing this charter, the Group notably undertakes to promote professional equality at the highest level of responsibility, to systematically make the principle of gender diversity an integral part of all HR processes, to support women/mixed gender networks, to promote and retain talent, etc. 

Promoted by Les Elles du Groupe BPCE women’s network, the Charter reflects a collective effort founded on the Group’s determination to make gender parity and diversity a source of economic efficiency and sustainable performance.

“The crusade to advance women is not only profoundly just but also useful. I believe in diversity in business, in the plurality of points of view, and variety of career paths. Business organizations capable of making a success of diversity enjoy greater success,” said Laurent Mignon, Chairman of the Group’s Management Board, when signing the Charter.

Video of Nicole Etchegoinberry, Chairwoman of the Management Board of the Caisse d’Epargne Loire-Centre and President of the Les Elles du Groupe BPCE network

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