Green Momentum: supporting the energy transition of the fossil fuel sector

Tuesday, 28 december 2021

It is vital to support companies in their energy transition if we are to succeed in creating a low-carbon economy.

In the 6th episode of Natixis’ Green Momentum podcasts dedicated to responsible finance, discover an example of collaboration between the bank and Repsol, an oil and gas company. How do these two entities work together to transform the company and become more environmentally responsible with a reduction of their carbon footprint? How do they talk to each other and decide what goals should be achieved? 

Listen to the explanations provided by Laurie Chesné, co-head of the structuring and advisory team in green and sustainable financing within the Green & Sustainable Hub of Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking, and David de Cáceres Nuñez, Director of Financing at Repsol. 

To learn more about activities in this area, we also invite you to read the article “How can banks provide concrete support to companies and accelerate their energy transition?”