BPCE 2024 strategic plan aimed to reduce the group’s carbon emissions* by 15% between 2019 and 2024, and this goal was successfully achieved by 2023.

Since 2019, Groupe BPCE has placed climate change at the center of its BPCE 2024 strategic plan, integrating the management of its environmental footprint. Groupe BPCE’s goal to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and promote the transition to a more sustainable economy was achieved one year ahead of schedule thanks to concrete measures and the engagement of its employees.

Four levers of action have been implemented:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of its buildings through energy renovation works, the widespread use of building automation, and the reduction of occupied spaces.
  • Integrate CSR criteria into procurement and assessing the CSR performance of suppliers during consultations.
  • Decrease employee travel, particularly through remote work, and encourage the use of electric vehicles
  • Improve the energy efficiency of digital equipment, develop more energy-efficient applications, and provide trainings on eco-responsible practices.

Energy saving focus: a 21% reduction

The Energy -10% Program launched in the fall of 2022 has significantly reduced Groupe BPCE’s energy consumption. Through concrete measures and the engagement of its employees, the group has reduced its energy consumption by 21% since 2021, exceeding its initial target of -10% by 2024. These results were achieved through measures such as temporarily putting some buildings on standby, adjusting temperatures in winter and summer months, and improving the energy performance of data centers. The individual contributions of employees through daily eco-gestures has also been crucial to this achievement.

A platform to measure professional carbon footprint

The “My Green Footprint” platform allows BPCE employees to measure their professional carbon footprint. It offers features to easily measure their ecological footprint, benefit from personalized monitoring, discover tips and deals, and share experiences and advice with their colleagues.

A long term commitment

This success demonstrates Groupe BPCE’s firm commitment to reduce its environmental footprint. New objectives will be announced with the publication of the next strategic plan, demonstrating Groupe BPCE’s ongoing intention to reduce its own footprint.

*Excluding financed emissions