Groupe BPCE joins the Ambition 4 Climate platform

Friday, 23 july 2021

Ambition 4 Climate, a platform created by Afep*, presents 114 projects all sharing the same goal of climate neutrality

Through Ambition 4 Climate, the major corporation members of Afep* confirm their commitment to fighting climate change. For Groupe BPCE, this commitment is perfectly in line with BPCE 2024, the Group’s strategic plan that includes climate change among its three priorities for action. This platform gives it an opportunity to publicize its initiatives aimed at reducing its own emissions or those of its customers. 

The projects posted on the Ambition 4 Climate platform are divided into 7 levers for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as follows: energy decarbonization, energy efficiency improvement, improvement of non-energy resource efficiency, sobriety in energy and non-energy resources, emission removal, financing of low-carbon issuers or divestment from carbon assets, and the reduction of other greenhouse gases. 

The Ambition 4 Climate platform will add new climate-friendly projects to its list on a regular basis.  

*Afep (Association française des entreprises privées or the French Association of Private Enterprises) represents 111 of the largest private corporations operating in France (all industrial sectors combined). It represents the vision of its member companies in dealings the French public authorities, European institutions, and international organizations. In the area of sustainable development, the Association is involved in voluntary initiatives related to climate change, the energy transition, the circular economy, biodiversity, and corporate social responsibility.