Groupe BPCE launches its first work-study Alternance 2021 campaign.

Monday, 1 march 2021

From March to the summer of 2021, Groupe BPCE will be highly visible on the main social networks in the form of a 100% digital campaign aimed at young people.

While work-study programs provide students with a real springboard into working life (70% of young people on work-study contracts find a job within seven months of completing their training), they are still used too infrequently in the banking and insurance industries because young people are generally ill-informed about the diversity of the professions and career paths existing in these sectors.

So you’re going into banking?

Starting in March, and continuing until the summer of 2021, Groupe BPCE’s Human Resources Department is launching a wide-ranging recruitment campaign aimed at attracting work-study students via the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) using a variety of different formats: visuals, videos, and podcasts. The campaign is also reinforced by the creation of a web application in partnership with Atlas dedicated to work-study programs in the banking sector. To provide additional support, a taskforce comprised of 50 work-study students working in Group companies will be teaming up with 50 expert ambassadors who have already been working on the My Job Glasses* platform for the past two years with a view to answering all the questions students may have about our business lines and possible career paths.

The aim is to recruit more than 4,000 work-study students (i.e. 10% more than in 2020) to work in the Group’s different companies chiefly in the sales networks but also in support and expertise functions at the headquarters of our companies (Finance, Risk, Human Resources, IT & Digital, Marketing & Communications, etc.).

This will enable them to immerse themselves for one or two years (depending on the type of contract) in the world of work, confident that they will be discovering or learning a profession, benefit from training, and enhance their professional skills.

*An online platform devoted to students, helping them to expand their professional network and define their professional orientation, bringing together 48,000 professionals, 3,000 companies, more than 100,000 students, and 24,000 schools.

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