Groupe BPCE takes part in the ‘I invite a banker into my classroom’ operation

Monday, 13 march 2023

The Banques Populaires, CASDEN Banque Populaire, the Caisses d’Epargne and their respective national Federations are teaming up with Finances & Pédagogie for the 7th edition of the ‘I invite a banker into my classroom’ operation.

The aim of this financial education initiative is to work with children in primary school aged 8 to 11 (3rd to 5th grade in the US, years 4 to 6 in the UK) and raise their awareness of notions such as budgets, payment methods, savings and financial security. Working alongside a teacher, a Groupe BPCE employee runs a one-hour ‘edutainment’ workshop in the classroom around a collaborative board game. 

This initiative launched by French Banking Federation has been awarded the ‘Educ Fi’ label by the Banque de France and is placed under the aegis of the French Ministry of Education. It will be organized in schools throughout 2023, with a particular emphasis during the financial education week running from March 20 to 26. 

Since the operation was first launched, a total of 3,058 classes and nearly 76,450 pupils have learned about how to manage a small budget and how to use different payment methods.

*An association set up in 1957 by the Caisses d’Epargne with a view to carrying out awareness-building and training sessions about money in everyday life, designed for the general public.

Photo: copyright FBF