Heightening public awareness of the fight against climate change is one of the missions of Energy Observer

Monday, 25 april 2022

Since it was first launched, Energy Observer, a laboratory ship supported by Groupe BPCE, has been heightening public awareness of hydrogen technologies and striving to develop solutions to meet the challenges of the eco-energy transition.

During its 7-year Odyssey around the world, Energy Observer, a ship that sails without generating any air or noise pollution, welcomes members of the general public to visit its travelling exhibition and familiarize themselves with the challenges posed by the energy and ecological transition.

This free-access, immersive and educational exhibition enables visitors to understand how these technologies can be applied at sea and on land. Over the past three years, more than 300,000 visitors have been able to discover this exhibition.

Energy Observer also reaches out to the men and women around the world who devote their time and energy to creating sustainable development solutions. To promote their ideas and actions, a web-series can be viewed on the dedicated Energy Observer Solutions platform devoted to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in its 2030 Agenda, and for which Energy Observer is the No.1 French ambassador.

Fighting against climate change, promoting the ecological transition, and acting in favor of sustainable development are some of the missions entrusted to Energy Observer, which Groupe BPCE is proud to support.

Groupe BPCE has made the fight against climate change a core element of its strategic plan for 2024. The partnership with Energy Observer, a veritable laboratory for innovation in the field of renewable energies and hydrogen, is perfectly aligned with this ambition to be a major player in the energy transition, in particular by helping our customers to meet their own transition challenges.

Crédit photo : Agathe Roullin