Latest news: The French Olympic & Paralympic team discovers an iconic district of Tokyo (Ep.7)

Wednesday, 25 august 2021

Required tour of Tokyo’s “techno” district for the French Olympic & Paralympic team

For this last episode of his series revealing the secrets of Japanese life and culture, Louis-San takes us on a tour of an iconic district of Tokyo “between tradition and modernity.”

For several weeks, the French-Japanese YouTuber Louis-San has been producing a light-hearted web series with Groupe BPCE to help the French Olympic & Paralympic Team discover the cultural subtleties of the Land of the Rising Sun. While the French athletes remain totally focused on their competitions, Louis-San takes a tour of the city on their behalf.

The subject of this seventh, and last, episode is Akihabara, the high-tech district of Tokyo. Nestling between manga culture, video game centers and electronic equipment stores, there’s also room for… a sanctuary! You may even come across Natixis Tokyo employees, who are all loyal supports of the athletes in the French national team…

Check out this last episode and, if you haven’t already done so, take a look at the full series below.

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