Crédit Coopératif offers the ‘solidarity +’ function with Le Pot Commun

Monday, 8 june 2020

This feature allows people setting up or contributing to money pots to give part or all of their donations to one or several listed associations.

Wanting to innovate in the way people can raise money for different causes, Crédit Coopératif and Le Pot Commun, a FinTech company belonging to Groupe BPCE, are launching a new donation platform with the ‘+ solidaire’ (or ‘solidarity +’) function. The aim of this new initiative is to provide people with an opportunity to go online and support a project or donate money to an association.

When they add cash to a money pot on the Crédit Coopératif/Le Pot Commun platform (, contributors are invited to activate the ‘+ solidaire’ option to make a simple, fast and secure donation to one of the solidarity-based money pots listed on the site.  They choose the cause and the project they would like to support and are entirely free to decide how much they want to donate. 

But donations are not limited to contributors alone. The organizers of a money pot can also decide to donate part or all of the final amount raised to one or more associations listed on the platform. 
Several winners of the Inspiration Prizes awarded by the Crédit Coopératif Foundation have seized this opportunity to launch their appeals for donations via the platform.