Less admin, more fun: E-Cotiz becomes Joinly

Friday, 19 june 2020

Back to basics: practical competence, commitment, and the human dimension. It was the desire to satisfy these primary ambitions pursued by associations that E-Cotiz changed its name on June 11 to Joinly.

With 8,000 user associations, 500,000 transactions carried out every year, and 10 partner sports federations, E-Cotiz (a subsidiary of Natixis Payments) has been supporting associations in their day-to-day activities over the past 6 years in areas ranging from amateur sport to culture, education and charities.

Today, and at a time when the start of the new year after the summer holidays will be a decisive moment for the sector (notably for amateur sports, an area severely impacted by the health crisis), E-Cotiz, building on feedback from users over the past six years, is reinventing itself with a completely revamped interface and functionalities designed to satisfy the needs of associations and their members’ expectations as closely as possible. This update is being marked by the adoption of a new name, new colors, and a new digital ecosystem, transforming E-Cotiz into Joinly. 

Offering a host of services – communicating to members, management of membership fees and online payments, organization of events, collection of donations, online sale of articles, etc. – Joinly provides everything required to facilitate the completion of day-to-day administrative tasks but also to allow “volunteers to focus their time on the essential: promoting sport and forging links. Joinly is at the service of amateur sport, with a view to supporting the resumption of sporting activities in France and the maintenance of community life,” explains Jauffray Dunyach, co-founder of Joinly.

Save time and focus on the essential: the two goals pursued by Joinly.

For further information, visit the website at joinly.com.