Louis-San’s advice to the French Team about social etiquette in Japan (Ep.2)

Wednesday, 23 june 2021

To provide the French team with guidance and support before they set off for Tokyo, Groupe BPCE is releasing a web series of seven light-hearted videos featuring Louis-San, a Franco-Japanese YouTuber.

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In a few weeks’ time, the French athletes and para-athletes will be getting ready to fly to Tokyo. To help the French Team discover the subtleties and intricacies of cultural practices in the land of the rising sun, Groupe BPCE called on Louis-San, a famous young Franco-Japanese YouTuber, to produce a web series of seven light-hearted episodes.

After a first video dedicated to the rudiments of the Japanese language, this second episode deals with the delicate topic of etiquette and politeness in Japan, providing a few small rules of vital importance to help the athletes in the French team and all their supporters to avoid offending their hosts.