Making Paris 2024 a unique experience

Monday, 25 february 2019

At a press conference convened in Paris on February 21st, Tony Estanguet launched a new chapter in the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In keeping with his ambition to make the Paris Games a series of unique, accessible, and spectacular events, the President of Paris 2024 unveiled a radically new “sport experience,” a revolution in the history of the Olympic Games. “These games will be creative, inclusive, and at the service of all.”

Sharing the Olympic experience

For the first time in Olympic history, everyone can become actively involved in the Games instead of being passive spectators or watching them on TV,” explained Tony Estanguet. How? Thanks to connected and virtual sports! Fans around the world will be able to share the Olympic experience and compete with the world’s leading athletes. They will also be able to take part physically in certain public events, such as the marathon.. and to do so on the same day and under the same conditions as the Olympic athletes themselves. Several different race formats will be offered to allow everyone, whatever their level, to share the Olympic experience. Paris 2024 is currently studying, with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Federations, the possibility of opening up public events to other sporting disciplines under the aegis of the Olympic Games.

4 additional sports, 12 new events

Expressing the same desire to organize Games in tune with the times, resolutely focused on young people and the upcoming generations, Paris 2024 has seized the opportunity offered by the IOC to add new sports to enhance the program of events and strengthen the very concept of the Games.

Four new sports – reflecting the ambition to have spectacular, creative events and to build bridges with wider culture – will be included: rock climbing, skateboarding, surfing, and breakdance. While the first three disciplines have already been included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, breakdance promises to make a spectacular début in 2024!

These four sports will be the focus of 12 new events and attract 248 athletes, among the 10,500 provided for in the Olympic Charter. And all four disciplines will be represented by men and women in equal numbers.

Our ambition is to take the traditional sports to an even higher level while also going one step further. Paris must continue to leave its mark on the history of the Olympic movement as it has already done in the past,” said Tony Estanguet. A challenge that Groupe BPCE, a premium partner of Paris 2024, will also strive to meet with all its brands over the next six years.

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