Natixis CIB and Mirova win the 2023 Impact Awards

Tuesday, 19 december 2023

Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking and Mirova, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers dedicated to responsible investment, have been honored by the benchmark Environmental Finance media, which each year presents awards to players in the impact investment market.

For the second year in succession, Natixis CIB has been named ‘Investment Bank of the Year,’ in recognition of its leadership and innovation in sustainable finance, notably through the systematic use in its credit decisions of the ‘Green Weighting Factor,’ a proprietary analytical tool that allocates capital to each financing deal based on the impact of that deal on the climate and environment.  

For its part, Mirova won three awards: ‘Fund of the year – listed equity’ for Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund1 and ‘Fund of the year – private equity’ for Mirova Environment Acceleration Capital2. Mathilde Dufour, head of sustainability research in the company, also won the ‘Personality of the Year’ award for her long-standing commitment to responsible investment: she and her team have been at the forefront of developing innovative impact measures in areas such as climate and biodiversity. 

1 Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund is a sub-fund of the Mirova Funds SICAV, approved by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (‘CSSF’ or Financial Sector Supervisory Commission). Natixis Investment Managers International is the management company and Mirova US is the financial manager by delegation. The specific risks associated with investing in the sub-fund are related to capital loss, financial derivative instruments, debt securities, counterparty risk, global investment, exchange rate, ESG-driven investment, changes in laws and/or tax regimes, portfolio concentration, mid- and large-cap companies, emerging markets, and sustainability risk. 

Mirova Environment Acceleration Capital is a French limited partnership (Société de Libre Partenariat, a French Specialized Professional Fund, AIF) composed of several separate sub-funds, open to new subscription to eligible investors as defined by the fund’s regulation. Mirova is the management company. The fund is not subject to supervisory authority. It is notably exposed to capital loss risks, discretionary management risk, valuation risk, counterparty risk, liquidity risk, sustainability risk, country risk, operational risk, regulatory risk, currency risk, credit risk, exchange-rate risk, interest rate risk, risk linked to the investment strategy, and sustainability risk.