Natixis mobilizes its business lines in support of biodiversity

Monday, 15 june 2020

Natixis is making several concrete, measurable and time-bound commitments to safeguard biodiversity and natural capital across its different business lines.

Over the past two years, all the financing, asset management and insurance business lines of Natixis have been engaged in cross-business consideration of the challenges of biodiversity. This reflection has led to the definition of eight concrete targets entirely focused on tackling the company’s direct and indirect impacts on biodiversity. The SMART aspects of these commitments (SMART: an acronym derived from ‘specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound’) were approved by a multi-stakeholder committee made up of 16 partners and including several environmental NGOs. Natixis thus becomes the first bank involved in the act4nature international initiative to publish individual SMART commitments

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