Natixis partners Youth7

Wednesday, 24 april 2019

Five Natixis employees are set to contribute to the work of the next Youth7 summit for young leaders of G7 countries, an event that Natixis is partnering.

Youth7 (Y7) is an official channel of communication between young people and G7 leaders, in the form of a summit attended by a delegation of young leaders aged under 30 and primarily originating from G7 countries. Natixis is partnering the next edition to be held in Paris on June 9-14, ahead of the G7 summit scheduled to take place in Biarritz in August.
As part of the Y7, five Natixis employees will help prepare proposals to be submitted to heads of state in order to draw their attention to Y7 delegates’ concerns. The priorities for 2019 are: fighting economic and gender inequalities, and fighting inequality with respect to the consequences of climate change and major technological upheavals.

Through the partnership, Natixis wants to reinforce the connection between civil society and G7 leaders and thereby respond to the challenges of reducing global inequalities.