Natixis working to promote a more inclusive digital world

Wednesday, 17 april 2019

Natixis is partnering the 7th “Digital Women’s Day” which takes place in Paris on April 17. The event marks Natixis’ engagement in favor of an inclusive digital world.

Digital Women’s Day supports greater representation for women in the digital arena by showcasing a number of women who stand out for their impact on the digital world each year. In France, women account for only 10% of startup bosses and 27% of those employed in the digital industry. Female digital leaders include Natixis’ own Head of Operations and IT Systems, Véronique Sani, who is due to make a keynote speech – “Women Speak Business” – alongside Shanty Baerhel, founder of Shanty Biscuits.

Ahead of the event, Natixis signed the “Manifesto for an Inclusive Digital World”, which commits it to respecting a number of precise objectives each year:  

  • Percentage of women participating in training or academic curricula linked to digital; 
  • Women as a percentage of hires; 
  • Proportion of women in teams; 
  • Financing of projects owned by mixed gender teams (for companies supporting startups or innovative in-house projects). 

A special committee will assess the effectiveness of measures taken to respect these objectives and report its findings in April 2020. 

Read the Manifesto:

Also read the opinion pieces by Anne Lebel, Head of Human Resources at Natixis, and Véronique Sani, published as part of the event: 

These engagements further the actions taken by Natixis to foster inclusion in the digital field, notably by assigning priority to recruiting women for work-study positions and the “Champion for a Change” initiative designed to encourage women to work in IT.

*Source: Digital Women’s Day