Official recognition for Natixis’ commitment to the climate

Monday, 12 october 2020

The international network of investors Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) ranks Natixis Assurances and Mirova among the leading companies for responsible investment.

An international network supported by the United Nations, PRI brings together 2,400 signatories, institutional investors and asset managers. They have identified from among these signatories a group of 36 front-ranking players – 20 institutional investors and 16 asset managers – considered by the organization to be at the forefront of responsible investment, notably this year with respect to their climate reporting. Natixis is the only financial institution to boast two names on this list: Natixis Assurances in the institutional investor category, and Mirova (a Natixis subsidiary specializing in sustainable finance) in the asset manager category.

For Mirova, this is recognition of the work undertaken to develop a methodology enabling it to measure the climate footprint of its investments with a view to improving its decision-making process. All its portfolios have been analyzed and aligned with the most ambitious global warming scenarios, i.e. less than 2 degrees Celsius in line with the Paris agreements.

As a pioneering insurance company in terms of climate commitment, Natixis Assurances made a strategic commitment in 2018 to align all of its portfolios with the 2-degree warming target and to devote 10% of its investments to green assets every year.