Olympic Games: Milan and breakdancing confirmed

Friday, 12 july 2019

The members of the IOC, meeting in Lausanne, voted in favor of the Italian bid to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2026 and confirmed four new sports for the Paris Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games return to Italy
The members of the International Olympic Committee met for several days in Lausanne for the 134th IOC Session. The high point of this meeting was the election of the city chosen to host the Winter Olympics in 2026. The committee had to choose between two bids: that of Milan-Cortina d’Ampezzo and that of Stockholm-Åre.

The Italians were the favorites because they had submitted a better-structured bid and, above all, offered greater financial guarantees. It consequently made sense that they won by 47 votes to 34. The Winter Olympic Games will therefore be returning to Italy. Cortina, a municipality in the province of Belluno in Veneto, has already hosted the Olympic Games in 1956. More recently, the 2006 games were hosted in Turin. For the summer games, Rome was chosen to host the 1960 Olympics. 

Four new sports confirmed in Paris
The other important decision made during the session, at least for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, was the confirmation of the new sports proposed by the Organizing Committee of the Paris Olympic Games to be included in the Olympic program in 2024. While the announcement of the list had prompted a certain debate, there was no such debate in Lausanne. 

In addition to skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing (already present at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo), the IOC members voted unanimously to adopt breakdancing for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. All the members welcomed the inclusion of these four sports and, especially, for breakdancing, a discipline that has generated a great deal of enthusiasm, notably because of the atmosphere created during these competitions. 

At present, however, the decision remains provisional and will only become final once performances at the Tokyo Olympics have been examined.