One topic… sports coaches: Believe in your dreams

Friday, 8 february 2019

Votre Coach by Groupe BPCE gives sports coaches an opportunity to express themselves in its web series “One topic… sports coaches.” Coming from a wide range of different sports, the coaches give their opinions about a shared topic, of vital importance to the effective preparation and success of their athletes. Each new episode covers a new topic. This time, its “Believe in your dreams.”

In this 10th episode, discover the personal testimonies of our coaches who help their athletes to believe in themselves and in their dreams and, in so doing, to make their dreams come true. Because high-level sport is not merely competition, pushing oneself to the limits, passion and emotion; it is also a way for people to live their dreams. Athletes submit themselves to a life of rigor and self-denial, in which nothing is left to chance; and having no limits and always aiming higher are the conditions they accept to reach their holy grail.