Our athletes share their secrets… Podcast with Charlotte Fairbank, wheelchair tennis

Wednesday, 2 september 2020

Charlotte Fairbank, supported by Natixis through the Performance Pact Foundation, answered our questions when taking part in one of the challenges organized by the Paris 2024 Club.

(Podcast in French only)

The Paris 2024 Club opened its doors to the general public at the end of July. This unique community, set up by the Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, brings together French people wanting to share in the adventure of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. A series of challenges are being staged throughout the summer to allow members of the public to measure themselves against the greatest French athletes.

A number of these well-known athletes are supported by the companies belonging to Groupe BPCE, a Premium Partner of the Paris 2024 Games, within the framework of the support and assistance program set up in association with the Performance Pact Foundation.

We are devoting a series of podcasts to these athletes to allow the general public to get to know them better, providing an opportunity to learn more about their upcoming sporting events and how they view the 2024 Paris Games. 
For this new episode, we have an appointment with Charlotte Fairbank, sponsored by Natixis via the Performance Pact Foundation. 

At the age of 29, this wheelchair tennis player who turned professional 4 years ago, the No.3 French player ranking No.42 worldwide, has a single objective: the 2024 Paris Games.

How she sees her relationship with Natixis: 
We stay frequently in touch during my sports seasons. For my part, I want to change the way people perceive high-level sport with disabled athletes, paralympic sport. I’m delighted with this partnership and I hope that we’ll continue the adventure together until 2024.

About her participation in the challenge staged by the Paris 2024 Club on August 26:
It was a fantastic day, full of emotions, combining competition with leisure. It was an enriching experience for everyone, for me personally and for all the players. We also gave an introduction to wheelchair tennis, and I received extremely good feedback.

And the 2024 Paris Games? “I think about it passionately. My principal goal since I started wheelchair tennis has always been Paris 2024. I’m super-motivated to try and become the first French woman to reach Roland Garros and the podium in Paris in four years time!