Paris 2024: partnership between CASDEN Banque Populaire and the French Ministry of Education

Friday, 6 january 2023

Claude Jechoux, Chairman of CASDEN Banque Populaire, Pascal Blanchard, Chairman of the ACHAC research group, and Pap Ndiaye, Minister of National Education & Youth in the French government, have signed a partnership agreement around the educational and cultural program ‘History, Sport & Citizenship – From the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens to the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024.’ Through this partnership, the French Ministry undertakes to support the circulation of the program in 7,000 different events in France, staged chiefly in primary and secondary schools. The CASDEN teams are immensely proud of this new development.

We remind readers that CASDEN Banque Populaire, working within the framework of its partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024, has been making the ‘History, Sport & Citizenship’ program available for almost two years. The aim of this initiative is to pay tribute to the male and female champions who have left their mark on the Olympic Games from 1896 to the present day while simultaneously illustrating the civic values they embody. These are the values shared by CASDEN, a cooperative bank serving the French civil service. The aim is also to make this program a part of the ‘Legacy’ component of Paris 2024, an initiative designed not only to ensure the impact of the Olympics transcends the Games themselves but also to give sport greater prominence in people’s lives and to reinforce the place and social impact of sport in society at large.
Since its launch, more than 2,000 presentations of this multi-format program (exhibitions, educational booklets, website, etc.) have been staged throughout France in different venues: middle schools, high schools, universities, local authorities and other establishments in the French public service… 

By 2024, the program will have been presented in some 7,000 different events.  Discover the trailer and visit the website dedicated to the ‘History, Sport & Citizenship’ program.
Photo: from left to right: Claude Jechoux, Chairman of CASDEN Banque Populaire, Pap Ndiaye, French Government Minister responsible for National Education & Youth, and Pascal Blanchard, Chairman of the ACHAC research group.

“We share the same flame”